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Track your work and create invoices with this tool

mHelpDesk allows you to manage your project’s paperwork in the field so that you can spend more time working on your craft and less time filling in forms. The tool does things such as manage your quotes, set up your invoices, schedule your services and track your tools. As a single user, it will suit you if you do most of your work outside your office. If you run a business, such as a contracting business, then you may monitor your staff members and see how far they are with their project.

Similar to a tool called BlueFolder

mHelpDesk has been likened to the BlueFolder project management and invoicing program because they do very similar things. They both allow you to set up tasks, complete task, and automate the billing process based on your input. The thing is that this tool has less developer support, whereas BlueFolder has more dedicated developers. Many of the tools you have access too are able to work in conjunction with each other. For example, what you enter into the service scheduling section and the quote management section is used later with the invoicing, billing and SMS text messaging sections.

Automate and track

The automation features mean you can do things such as set repeating jobs with mHelpDesk, and you may have the program send you a notification when a job is done or due. You may track orders, jobs and equipment with the software. If you are able to convince your staff to commit to using this software and make sure they enter all the required details into it, then it may help lower the amount of in-office administration that is usually required with your business.


  • It uses your inputted data to create preliminary invoices
  • The automation tools help streamline your work process


  • There is quite a lot of customization involved
  • Setting up the automation tools is tricky


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